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‘Call on me’: Doug Glanville’s advice to Cubs top pick Ed Howard

4 years agoKarli Bell

Doug Glanville shared why he believes it’s important to offer guidance to Cubs’ top pick Ed Howard Thursday on “The Stadium” on Marquee Sports Network. Glanville explained to host Michael Kim how his experience of being drafted in the first round by the Cubs in 1991 at the age of 20, and navigating his way to the big leagues, was a big reason why he felt compelled to connect with Howard through the form of a letter.

“I shared as much as I could on five key points about what I hope that he can take to heart and really apply to his life, and of course expressing to him that we’re in a moment,” Glanville said. “We’re in a moment where our country is reckoning and reconciling things that have plagued us for centuries. 

“We’re trying to figure out where our voices are, and he’s 18. He’s a young kid. So, I wanted to make sure that he understands that he can take a deep breath. He can elect to be patient and wait before he can speak on things. He has people, like myself, that he can lean on if he has any questions, because I can’t imagine. I was 20 when I was drafted and to be thrust in the time we’re facing now is so much to put on a young man’s shoulders.”

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