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Cubs 360 panel reacts to the return of baseball

2 weeks agoStaff Report

Len Kasper, Bruce Levine and Jim Deshaies joined Cole Wright on Cubs 360 to discuss the news of baseball coming back. The news came down on Tuesday evening. Players report to training camp on July 1st with the season starting on either July 23rd or July 24th.

“I’m happy for the fans,” Levine said. “This has been a long, tough time for everybody in this country and everyone in the world. From that perspective, we need our live sports. We’re getting baseball back. It’s so awesome.”

Deshaies followed suit with happiness of his own for the sport of baseball and for the fans.

“Remember, this wasn’t a strike. This wasn’t a lockout. This was a situation brought on by the coronavirus,” Deshaies said. “It put a lot of pressure on everybody to figure out how we move forward…Ultimately, they got something done. I think it’s all about the fans. In many ways, this is a public service just to get back on the field to give folks something to watch and cheer for.”

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