Temple Fuel powering first responders with fresh meals

2 months agoKarli Bell

Throughout the country, there are hundreds of thousands of first responders on the frontline, fighting COVID-19 and helping patients suffering from this virus. Community members, including right here in Chicago, have also stepped up to serve others. We at Marquee Sports Network want to recognize all of these Hometown Heroes for their efforts.

Temple Fuel Gourmet Meals in Palos Hills, Ill. wanted to give back the moment the shelter-in-place order was announced.

As soon as I heard it on the news that night, [my husband and I] both looked at each other, and we’re like ‘we have to do something. We got to do something,’” Soldayane Chaheine, owner of Temple Fuel Meals, said.

They started by giving meals to hospitals and one police department per week. They expanded outside of Palos Hills, reaching into the city of Chicago and to its surrounding suburbs.

“They’re being of service to us so I thought that we could be of service to them by providing them a nice, little healthy meal for their lunch or their dinner. They might not even eat it that shift. They might take it home and warm it up at home,” Chaheine said.

Now, Chaheine and her husband and head chef Gabriel Miranda have provided up to 2,000 meals to frontline and essential workers. They’ve expanded to grocery store workers as well as fire departments and everything in between. 

“We try to ­­drop off 200 meals every time we go. If someone only bought 8, we’ll put the rest in to make that 200,” Miranda said.

They recently teamed up with HGTV host Alison Victoria to feed Engine 35 in Bucktown.


They have an upcoming event with Victoria on May 20 to feed another first responder unit. If you would like to help Temple Fuel’s effort to give back to first responders, frontline and essential workers, you can contact them here.

If you would like to nominate our next Hometown Hero, you can click here.

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