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Proposed Universal DH for upcoming season and beyond

4 years agoStaff Report

Bruce Levine, Taylor McGregor and Mark Grace joined host Cole Wright on Cubs 360 Daily, presented by Miller Lite, to discuss whether the proposed universal DH for a potential 2020 season is a good idea. 

During the ongoing negotiations for baseball to return, both sides are discussing the possibility of a universal designated hitter for the 2020 season. If the National League implements the universal DH, players like the Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber, the Brewers’ Ryan Braun and the Dodgers’ Joc Pederson could be potential designated hitters for their respective teams. 

Grace started the discussion talking about his 16-year career played in the National League and talks about pitchers hitting and bunting. 

“For every Mike Hampton (a career .246 hitter as a pitcher) or for a guy that can hit as a pitcher, there’s 50 guys that can’t hit,” Grace said. “I used to be a staunched National League guy saying ‘no’ to the DH, but I think I’m slowly but surely coming around to the American League side with this.”

McGregor, who covered the Rockies for two years, has been against the DH; however, she believes it will eventually come into play.

“The reality is everybody knows it’s going to come eventually so I do think 2020 is a good season to test it out,” McGregor said. “Maybe there are things we see, ‘Hey this doesn’t work.’ I don’t see that happening, but you never know and I think this is a chance to see what this would do for the entirety of baseball.”

Levine added on saying that adding a designated hitter to the National League would make a lot of sense.

“It’s not about just throwing a guy like Schwarber everyday as a DH, it’s about rotating it and getting guys practical half days off, maybe even better than that by having to swing the bat four times,” Levine said. “For 2020, it’s obviously the smart thing to do. It’s going to prevent pitchers from getting hurt and it’s going to give more rest for the other players.”

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