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Which Cubs player could benefit the most from the roster rule?

2 weeks agoKarli Bell

Bruce Levine, Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies joined Cole Wright on Cubs 360 Daily to debate which Cubs player or prospect could benefit the most from the new roster rules set in place for 2020. There will be 30 players on the big league roster to start the season which will decrease to 28 and then down to 26. There will be a 40-man roster, plus a taxi squad of 20 players.

Kasper went with a pair of players who were signed to minor league deals. 

“The two that come to mind are Ian Miller and Josh Phegley,” Kasper said. “I think Miller might have had the inside track on the 26-man roster, but now that it’s up to 30, Nico Hoerner should benefit that way. I’ll be very curious to see if Hoerner ends up on the team when it gets down to 26, and it could be those three guys jockeying maybe with another arm or two.”

Levine went to the bullpen.

“I think this is going to benefit Craig Kimbrel the most, because he will have those extra bullpen guys,” Levine said. “I’m going to go way out of the box and say this might benefit the eternally injured Brandon Morrow to come back and actually have an impact deep in the bullpen…This just might be the ticket for Morrow to grab some health and grab some luck and maybe have an impact on the 2020 Cubs.”

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