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After half a decade, Cubs’ Adbert Alzolay is finally reunited with his family

2 years agoAndy Martinez

Adbert Alzolay wanted to give the surprise of a lifetime.

The emotions would have been too much to let him do it.

Alzolay just recently returned to Venezuela and spent time with his family, the first time he had done so in five years. He caught up with the Cubs 360 crew on Wednesday night to recap the return home.

“I wanted to get here as a surprise but I didn’t know if they were [going to be] able to handle that,” Alzolay said. “We’re here after five years, so it’s just happy to get back [with] my parents and my brother and my sister.”

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The planning for the trip began immediately after the end of the Cubs season in early October. Alzolay and his wife, Diana, wanted to arrive in Venezuela and surprise his parents, Janik Lara and Alberto Alzolay. For Diana, it would be the first time she was meeting them.

They’ve spent the time reconnecting and meeting one another and letting Alzolay feel at home, especially through food.

“She’s been learning a lot of Venezuelan dishes lately,” Alzolay said of Diana. “She was learning a lot of stuff from my mom today and this whole week. She’s been in the kitchen or she’s been going out to do the grocery shopping with my family.”

Alzolay and his father have always been close. His dad is a personal trainer and in the offseason when Adbert was a minor leaguer, helped craft workout plans for him.

“I always have my dad at my side,” Alzolay said. “My dad is always the guy pushing me, sending me texts in the morning before the game, like motivation and stuff. I feel like a lot of that motivation that I have, and a lot of those things come from him.”

Check out the full interview in the video above.

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