Chip Caray on the 1998 season

4 weeks agoStaff Report

Chip Caray, the grandson of the late great Harry Caray, joined Cubs 360 to reflect on the incredible 1998 season of the Chicago Cubs.

“Nobody in Chicago had much expectation for the ’98 team. For whatever reason, the team that Ed Lynch put together put it together. Prior to 2016, the biggest things the Cubs had was selling hope,” Caray said.

Not only was that a historical season for the franchise, it was also Chip’s first season in the booth with the Cubs after his grandfather passed in February of 1998. That alone gave him some jitters.

“It’s hard to follow somebody who has gigantic footsteps like that…Stepping into the booth with his producers, his partner, his microphone, his crew and frankly his team, that was a challenge. Luckily, I had a lot of people in my corner who were incredibly kind to me.”

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