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Dansby Swanson needs a new nickname

1 year agoTony Andracki

Dansby Swanson carries a reputation as a leader and the Cubs are hoping he fills that same role in Chicago.

Late last season, Swanson earned the nickname “The Sheriff” from young Braves teammates Michael Harris and Vaughn Grissom (who both played in the majors as 21-year-olds last season).

During his introductory press conference Wednesday at Wrigley Field, Swanson was asked about the nickname and a smile spread across his face.

“It’s so funny. I mean, the young kids came up with that, which is, like, such a young kids nickname, you know? ‘The Sheriff,'” Swanson said. “Like I said then, I’ll say now: I’m not running this tight ship that if you mess up, I’m like putting you in jail. I don’t do things like that.

“I’m much more of a lover. Much more of the serve-first kind of guy. But I think leadership is something that God blessed me with and has challenged me with throughout my career. And I felt like even at times over the last six years, I should have been doing more.”

Freddie Freeman was the face of the Braves for over a decade but he left Atlanta for Los Angeles after the 2021 season, leaving behind a leadership void.

Swanson stepped up even more as a captain in the clubhouse but believes he still has room to grow as a leader.

“I feel like last year was the first step where I really fully embraced and spread my wings of taking guys under my wing,” Swanson said. “Really just leading the team and the culture on how I saw it and how I wanted it to be. I did the same things at Vanderbilt.

“One of the huge draws to this place was, I feel like if I’m going to become my best self and best version of who God made me to be, I needed to be in a place that really, really wanted me to shine as me.

“And that’s something that I promised [the Cubs] that I would always be myself — that I would unapologetically be myself at all times. And they’ve really valued that. That’s something that really stood out to me during this whole process.”

But even as he laughed off the nickname, he also issued something of a challenge.

“I’m hoping I have a new nickname that’s not ‘The Sheriff’,” Swanson said.

That feels like a perfect opportunity for Cubs fans to show off their creativity….

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