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Dr. Aaron Epstein gives us a first-hand experience looking at COVID-19

4 years agoKarli Bell

Throughout the country, there are hundreds of thousands of first responders on the frontline, fighting COVID-19 and helping patients suffering from this virus. Community members, including right here in Chicago, have also stepped up to serve others. We at Marquee Sports Network want to recognize all of these Hometown Heroes for their efforts.

Dr. Aaron Epstein has seen the effects of COVID-19 first hand at the Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital where he is the Emergency Room Medical Director.

“I’ve never been more frightened and scared to go to a shift but at the same time be honored and humbled to be able to do what I do,” Dr. Epstein said.

From the start of the pandemic to now, he’s noticed massive changes in healthcare that he believes will be here to stay after the virus is controlled. 

“I used to walk into a room and introduce myself. Now, we have put on personal protective gear. Literally every single patient you’re seeing, whether it’s an ankle sprain or someone there for potential COVID-19 symptoms, you’re preparing under the assumption that they have it,” Dr. Epstein said.

However, he is aware that it’s not just doctors that are fighting this battle on the frontlines. It’s the nurses as well who are having more direct contact than anyone in the medical field.

Dr. Epstein said, “These nurses…I’m on the front line. They are in front of me. They are going in there, swabbing these people, starting the IVs. Putting their lives and their family’s on the line.”

Over the last two months, community members have risen to the occasion to help those on the frontlines. That community service and help is something that is not going unnoticed by those in the medical field.

“The community has been our energy to continue. From leaving my house with a placard out front to when you get to the hospital, there’s signs thanking us. The community has been our inspiration,” Dr. Epstein said.

Even when this is all over, Dr. Epstein does not want this energy and giving to lose fire. This is something that is doing more than they can put into words.

“We can’t have it die down. We can’t put our guard down. The social media messages are inspirationals. The pictures, the donations of PPE, we’ve had almost daily a meal delivered to our hospital…obviously any monetary donations are needed. This is a costly disease,” Dr. Epstein said.

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