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José Martínez, Ian Happ and the caffeine spike going on in the Cubs clubhouse

4 years agoAndy Martinez

If new Cub José Martínez has his way, he and new teammate Ian Happ might have a few tweaks for the clubhouse at Wrigley Field. That’s because he, like new teammate Ian Happ, are what you’d call coffee aficionados.

Actually, that’s probably an understatement, a massive understatement. Both have such a love for the caffeinated drink that they started their own coffee roasts with proceeds going to charity.

“I think we’re gonna build an office, I already have the idea, we’re gonna have a room and see how it tastes,” Martínez said of his blueprints.

He’s even had imaginary conversations that will take place in the room.

“[Let me] see what you got.”

“Put a little sugar.”

“You need cream? I don’t think I need cream,” Martinez said with a laugh as he mapped out the interaction.

Happ is pretty confident the duo will hit it off, too.

“He loves coffee, so I love him,” Happ said Sunday after the trade was made official.

But more importantly, the two have used that love of coffee and their positions to help those in need.

Happ launched Quarantine Coffee in May, with coffee roasting company Connect Roasters. His roast sells for $15 and $3 of that goes directly to COVID-19 relief efforts.

Martínez, whose nickname is Cafecito – Spanish for “little coffee” because his dad, former major leaguer Carlos Martínez was known as Café – launched Cafecito #40 with roasting company Primos Coffee. At the end of each year, 50 to 75-percent of proceeds go to children’s hospitals.

“That’s the most important thing,” Martínez said last year prior to Opening Day when he was a member of the Cardinals. “If you have the opportunity to help, children are the ones most affected by all situations.”

The name of the roast might need to change. When he launched it in St. Louis, the roast was Cafecito #38 – his number with the Cardinals. When he was traded to the Rays in January, the roast’s name changed to Cafecito #40. Maybe it’ll change to Cafecito #53, his new number with the Cubs.

Regardless, there’ll be countless conversations about each other’s roasts between he and Happ.

“I have not tried his coffee yet,” Happ said. “I learned about it for the first time last year and I know that he gives back and it’s a really cool project that he has. So, I’m sure we’ll compare notes on love of coffee and look forward to having him in.”

The Cubs may not build the office or room Martínez suggested, but there’s no doubt that a friendship should strike easily.

“I know we’re gonna chat soon about it,” Martínez said. “It’s always good to have people that like coffee. I love coffee. It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be a fun run 100-percent.”

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