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Marquee booth demonstrates new PitchCom communication system

2 years agoStaff Report

For the full clip of the PitchCom demonstration, check out the video above. 

On Tuesday night’s Cubs broadcast, Marquee Sports Network broadcasters Jon Sciambi, Jim Deshaies and Taylor McGregor provided viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the new PitchCom communication system, utilized by numerous MLB teams this season as a way of transmitting signs easily and covertly from catcher to pitcher. 

Invented by John Hankins and Craig Filicetti, the PitchCom system is available for use by all MLB teams, allowing players to communicate through a device located on the catcher’s wrist and an audio receiver located in the pitcher’s hat. While the Cubs have not yet begun to use the PitchCom system, Cubs pitching coach Tommy Hottovy referenced last week in an interview with Taylor McGregor that it could be coming soon.

“We’re still in the early stage of getting a feel for how we want to use it,” said Hottovy on April 10. “I think you’ll see it with the Cubs at some point this year.”

For a full explanation and demonstration of the technology, check out the above clip from last night’s broadcast as well as the photos below. 

Pitchcom 1
Pictured: Catcher’s guide to the PitchCom system, including the key to which buttons correspond to which pitch types and locations
Pitchcom2 2
Pictured: The PitchCom device on the catcher’s wrist with nine buttons corresponding to pitch types and locations
Pitchcom3 1
Pictured: The PitchCom audio receiver used by pitchers and position players to hear the call from the catcher

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