How one Chicagoland company is keeping first responders clean

9 months agoKarli Bell

Throughout the country, there are hundreds of thousands of first responders on the frontline, fighting COVID-19 and helping patients suffering from this virus. Community members, including right here in Chicago, have also stepped up to serve others. We at Marquee Sports Network want to recognize all of these Hometown Heroes for their efforts.

Chicago Water and Fire Restoration (CWAFR) in Elmhurst knew they needed to find their niche when it came to helping first responders when the shelter-at-home order was put in place.

“We had looked to figure out which ways that we can help the first responders and make sure that they’re safe,” general manager of CWAFR John Montalbano said.

CWAFR is a company that does damage and repair control including water damage, storm damage and other services. One of those services is anti-microbial treatments, where crews sanitize properties. That’s when it clicked for Montalbano.

“They had limited supplies and limited machines to do it, and they were doing it themselves. So, we kind of looked at everything in regards to that and looked at everything we had in house. We said that this is a service that we can donate to the departments to make sure that they feel good about where they’re going to work and what they’re bringing home,” Montalbano said.

Ever since April, they’ve sanitized over 50 fire and police departments throughout the Chicagoland area and plan on helping as many departments as they can through the end of May.

Montalbano said, “It’s been really nice because it boosts our guys’ morale as well. They get to go into a different place and do a really good service for these people that are risking their lives on a daily basis. The police and firemen are extremely thankful. They show our guys a lot of sincere gratitude. They’re really appreciative of what we’re doing.”

This is a service that will be available for any company once the shelter-in-place order is lifted or eased.

“We can go in and sanitize companies and disinfect for companies. We just want to be able to help as many people get back to normal as relatively quickly as possible,” Montalbano said.

If departments want to learn more about this service, you can head to their website to see their list of services.

If you would like to nominate our next Hometown Hero, you can click here.

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