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Jed Hoyer and David Ross react to Sunday night events in Chicago

4 years agoStaff Report

David Ross and Jed Hoyer shared their reactions on the looting and events that occurred Sunday night in Chicago.

Here’s what they said:


“II think the city is incredibly strong. Certainly, if you go back over the history of this city, there’s been times of great tension, I guess you could say. And the city’s always gotten through it. But there’s a sadness to it, for sure. I just want this city to be as healthy and strong as possible. Like I was saying before, I do feel like there’s so many tensions on the city right now, on members of the city and I know at times those tensions are going to bubble up to the surface, but I hope as a community, as, hopefully we get past this, we do our best to ease those tensions. This is an incredible place to live. It’s such a vibrant city. I’ve loved living here. I love raising my family here. This isn’t gonna stop my feelings that way, but certainly, as a group, we have to stop this violence. People have to feel comfortable being in the city, they have to feel comfortable raising their families here. I would hate to see anything that would happen that would stop that, you know? But, no, this is a wonderful place to live. We have some systemic issues we have to address, and we have a summer and a set of circumstances that have really created tremendous tension. But the city has been through things like this in the past and it’s come out really strong on the other side of it.”


“To be honest, I woke up, came straight to the field and the guys were telling me about how bad it was downtown. Some of them woken up by different events last night and so I was just listening to their stories. And just, you know, I just feel like every day there’s something new and I just hope we can — our world — just get back to being better. I don’t know, in so many ways. Health, society, emotionally, you know, try to get back to loving one another and doing the best we can as human beings. I know things are hard all over the world right now, in different areas. You know, we talk about COVID in this environment and how challenging that is. I think we’re very blessed and have been able to come into work. Some people are without jobs and different problems at home. I just try to pray about those things, to be honest with you.”

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