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Ted Lilly’s memorable story about former Cubs manager Lou Piniella

4 years agoStaff Report

“If I could pull up all the stories, we might be here for a while. There are some beauties,” Ted Lilly said recalling stories of former Cubs manager Lou Piniella. Lilly joined Off The Mound with Ryan Dempster to talk about a great sweet Lou story.

Lilly built himself a solid 15-year career in the majors playing for six teams. He joined the Cubs via free agency in 2007 and pitched on the North Side for four seasons. During that time, the manager was Piniella and Lilly recalled one memory in particular. 

“Our bullpen [catcher] during that time, Corey Miller, was in the shower with Lou and Mike Fontenot hit a couple of homers and maybe 2 doubles. Mike and Corey are similar build and look,” Lilly said. “This is probably three quarters of the way through the season and these two guys are in the shower and I guess Lou looked over and said ‘Hey, way to swing the bat today kid. Good job,’ to our bullpen catcher.”

If there were more time in the day, we would have loved to hear more stories about sweet Lou from Lilly. 

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